Boss Mastermind Session (6-weeks)

ONLY 3 Seats Available!

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Especially if you are juggling many different hats. Creating a strategy and goals for your business is one thing but staying motivated to achieve them is another. You need accountability and support. The Boss Mastermind Session is just what you need to accomplish your business goals.

Whether it is to launch a new program or services, implement a social media strategy or increase your bottom line a mastermind group can provide you with accountability and support for others within the group. The Boss Mastermind Group Session is not for those that do not work to work. We will not meet to chit chat. Our focus is to push each other to reach out goals.

We will meet for 6 weeks starting August 13. The cost is $75 ($12.50 per meeting). We will meet virtually on Sundays of each week. Once you submit payment you will receive an online application and introduction email. Remember there are only 5 Seats Available!

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