Launch VIP Day

Have a business idea but not sure how to launch your service based business? Launched but need help building out your programs or services?

Our Launch VIP Day is a full day (4 hr) of intensive private coaching. We will work together to tackle your business challenges and help perfect your launch. We will either meet in person if you are in the Atlanta, Ga area or we will meet virtually.

What you get:

  • Pre-VIP Day survey to gain clarity of your needs
  • Pre-VIP Day introduction call to prepare for our VIP Day
  • Full research/analysis of your survey, website, services prior to our VIP Day
  • 4 hour session in person in Atlanta, GA or virtually
  • Follow up document with recommendations and next steps
  • List of PinkBoss Resources
  • 30 min follow up coaching call (1 week after VIP Day)
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  • $399.00
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